Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chinea's 18!

Hi Cecilia! I know this is late but here's for you! :) I had a blast! Thank you for inviting. :)

The debutante!

The stage (with photobomber: official photographer)

The Best Friend, Faye!!

The Silly Best Friend, Janella!!

The debutante cake

Chinea's caricture! (Sadly, she doesn't have a single photo on her invitation for us)

We starved (I did and big time!) Good thing they have these!

Our former high school mates :)

I just love making faces tho

The debutante in action! I don't know why but this is the best photo she got.

Ooohh. I would like to introduce you to the troops! From afar is Justinne, Amcy and Faye. It was the time (again) we get to see each other. I miss them and yes, I looked like a photo bomber here!

Four pretty ladies of should I say...

Meet Janellieeeee!! Oh my G! This little monkey is a secret keeper alright! I love her to death! (I think the camera seems to capture from afar better than near... Hm.)

Ohh boy! I took this photo! I'm too happy! (I have the other one but I cannot find it) Well, I don't have to be praised and yes oh boy, I have been practicing!

Hello, troops! I missed you guys! It's really a great experience to have met these guys. They're all the happiness and remembrance of all the good things in my senior high. How can I forget? They were there when I was molded to a total person. :)

To "Chen", hahaha thank you! I know I don't have a lot to say but here's a little thing I had in mind, you are special in a good way. And you are also a pain-in-the-ass and most of us knows that. But since then, six years of being friends with you is something I keep in touch with all my life. All secrets (all nga ba ha? O baka nagtatago ka na), well I don't remember all of them. Sorry! be mature enough in handling things. Don't be a burden and don't do stupid and immature things especially when the road gets rough, stiff and sticky. There's always something ahead that will suit something in your life. There may be people who seem to last longer but suddenly pops like a bubble. Lady ka na daw eh. Lady nga ba? Anyway, I'll be here Forehead. I love you! - AngelizGanda <3

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