Thursday, September 26, 2013

Entrepreneur Class: Photo Class?

Tomorrow, it's J's trip to a province and I wasn't able to see him this week. Fortunately, we skyped, and his dad was so naughty he started rubbing his face. Although I wasn't able to take a photo. Lol- How unfortunate of I?

Earlier today, I installed a photo editor and I had fun taking photos. Well, that is, I love taking stolen shots from my friends and post them here. I used mom's phone, Cherry Mobile Flare (updated to Jellybean). My Photo Target: Erlo Wayne!! (She is a SHE) :)

Oh yes! I successfully did it! Lol. She knows something was going on but as an alibi of her not suspecting, me and my fellow mate Rose decided to take a couple of shots too!

Sooo, that is during our Entrepreneuship Class! Our professor was a little busy and we went to our grooups to talk about our research. Are we really talking about it though? Lol!

I mean seriously, we have a lot more time to do such crazy things rather than sit back, get stressed and start running psycho! :)

(I just tried different angles. But I guess I just went from close to closest!)
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