Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tan White

It took me no time to actually pair this top with this new pants I bought last week with mom from Crissa. The jeans fit perfectly and yes, they are stretchable too. So I decided to use my ol' Parisian shoes and here's what I got!

See, I'm not those typical richy rich kid who buys clothes almost everyday just for the sake of following the latest fashion trends. And uh, although I wanted to buy some clothes, I never did (yet!). Why? because I don't like having the same look at everyone does. LOL - Seriously I don't. So before I buy them, I'll have to take a lot, I mean a lot of time to decide how to wear, when to wear and where to wear such pieces in a way with having this different style of my own.

But that's a different story! I was just too lazy to bring a lot of clothes so on the spot I thought of this. I hooked up with my old Seventeen shirt and my Crissa jeans. It's good how fitted my pants were and how not fitted (I dunno what word was that) my top was. And my shoes, they are too tight and too loose and that's how I like it. Heck I'm weird! What do you think of this outfit?

Talk about the malls here in Manila! The bigger the wider the better!

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