Friday, October 25, 2013

Janella's 17th Birthday Greeting!

Here's a RED POST for you my special friend! I know how much you love black and red but here's to a "bloody post"!
I need to say a lot of things? I mean, I greeted you a happy birthday already. And yes, I told you I'm glad having you around and you're a really good person. Well, let me say this one thing: I hope being a seventeen year old now, I hope you find something that interests you most. Something that will keep your head in the game. Being in this age for me is not easy, since you know I told you before that I could feel myself being mature and playful at some point but not all the time anymore. You should realize that everything has its purpose. And if you experience difficulties, I'll be here. You know you can count on me! You just have to book a schedule that is. LOL! I know I can very busy and in time I'll be spending less time with you and our other friends, but I'll still find a way to be with you guys. You're a good person. Just don't be so cranky and naughty. I like how childish you are. It makes me feel like I'm a kid again. You know my problems about childhood right? Thanks to you I get to experience them twice. I hope you'll gain more trustworthy friends because you deserve them. Happy Birthday Janella! Loveyouuuuuuuuuu!

I know how you love this song. Fellas! It's Korean by the way :)
My J by Girl's Generation

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