Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jenay's 18!

Jenina's 18th happened last night at Aberdeen Court. It was said in the invitation the party starts around 5 o'clock pm and we, meaning I and Allecks, around 6:30 pm. Lucky for us, we were the first ones! Early birds, excluding some of  Jenay's relatives. Oh it was sooo cool seeing my CEU perks again. :)

And since we were the first ones, we decided to... As shown O:)

Allecks said don't smile. 

Jenay's bestfriend, Steph :)

The waiter took another photos because he thought one of them had their eyes shut....

What was that cool light thingy right there? Ohh!

Angelika Pascua (Pascua too! Twin. Lol) and Andrea :)


When I took this photo, i told Allecks to not shut her eyes. She's already chinita. -_-

Jenina Rose in her baby pink dress!

 Andrea and Marnie :)

"Tropang Harts" So cute!

Jenina and her ohh sooo partner! <3

Erlo, Jeal and Lyka

OMG! Whoever took this photo. Hello to Twinpascua and our "Derp Faces"
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I accidentally took this photo not realizing how sweet it looked like. The guys over there, I spotted him singing a certain song to Jenina. It was so sweet! And Allecks, smiling for some reason I do not know.
I'm so good at stolen shots! Lol

A dramatic scene

Allecks said don't smile. Good thing it is taken as blurred!

In addition, Allecks said to pretend like drinking. So I took the glass (if seen) and pretended. Whew! Melodrama.

Is this counted as candid photo?

Copyright 2013 AngelizPascua. All rights reserved.
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