Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tuesdate: Shopping Day!

I went to Manila to see Jane and yes, wardrobe = "XXX" that's just what I call my simple outfit. Lol - Okay I'm being frustrating.. Anywoo, we stayed at 7-11 Convenient store near LPU for a while. Waited for a while and for Amaine (Hello Amaine, that is if your there!) and for Jay (Hello Jay!) and for the worse part which I really super hate, experiencing rain fall in Manila. Oohhh! I came out so bad! How I hate raining in that area. Poor me, whenever I go and visit Manila, Light rain or heavy rain tags along with me. I'm a cursed-skinny bore! Oh yes I'm perfectly boring but that's for the people who do not know me and thank you I accept that impression slash compliment! :)

After that, we planned to visit Jane's dad in Ayala. Thank God heavy rain stopped! Whew! We weren't that wet, hallelujah! And when we got there, her father teased her of having low grades and told her she wont get any PS3 for Christmas. Fortunately, Jane's grades were truly unexpected. Even I was shocked, and talk about a jaw-dropping news alright. It was unexpected to hear Jane having that high of a grade since I knew her for being a lazy-butt. Good for her. Good for you, Pie! So, Jane told me they called and her mother and told her about her grades. Her mother isn't believing much of it. Wait 'til they get home. :)

Next stop, we used the walk way heading for Glorietta Mall. Good thing we had an Extreme Chocolate Frappe; a treat from Tito Jun. We walked and talked and messed with each other. Janella's too kiddie. Ohhh, and the food was calling me! Very indecent. Huhuhu.

Anyway, Jane and I ate Bic Mac at Mcdonald's! Since I haven't tried Big Mac, Janelle helped me finish the whole burger. After eating, I was not satisfied as usual. I wanted Zark's. Janella decided to buy medium fries. After eating, we went shopping! Janella told me I might be able to learn fast shopping since my usual allotted time for shopping for even a single dress, is around 2-3 hours only. That's not even enough sometimes. So we went fast shopping! We bought a gift for the party I am planning to attend this Friday and a little treat for myself. For this 2nd year 1st semester I survived! I guess I should be ready for a lot of hell, I mean, schoolworks. I'm being mean. School works are very important, oh yes, true but Christ I'm already losing weight because of it! Oh whatever, I'll get over it.

The day ends, and we headed back to Tito Jun's workplace. Jane said she got tired and I agreed. But in my mind I said it was a goal achieved for tiring this monkey from shopping! Hooray if you are reading this! When we got back, I headed back home and Jane headed to his father's work place. :D

Well, I guess that's a boring story for some people but who cares? I loved this day! I got scared of running down Manila's flooded streets, felt so irritated because it was so hot, and I was enjoying the ride going Makati since Janelle's a total perk! Good for me I got into her nerves for my frustrating cuteness. :)

Note: Please pray for Philippines. The old churches in Bohol and Cebu are down and destroyed because of the earthquake. I was even planning to visit those places. Boo for me for a goal underachieved. </3
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