Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Golden Kitty!

You know those "in" styles in our generation? Well, I am going to say this to you guys. This is my own self-quote I created years ago; "There are no new trends. You know those clothes and styles you see in department stores, those are trends before. They are just being used and styled depending on the demand or flow of time." Okay, I'll admit. Those are not the exact same words I told myself before. But yes they're close! I guess my thinking became more scientific, meaning I use deeper words, unlike before. I guess I'm just over thinking right now. Honestly, this style I'm wearing, this is like the 60's or 70's style (I think) with a twist of modern generation of course. I mean seriously, cropped tops, ankle-length jeans, tights, leggings, etc. Isn't that like 70's style? We just made it look more pleasant that's all. So I tell you this, you know this shirt I'm wearing? It has been in my closet for oh, I don't know, just about 7 months! Yes, you read it right, 8 months. You might be wondering why? Because for me, buying clothes for a low cost and learn its genuine worth, deserves a perfect time to be worn. Yes, that's right. I just admitted that I have few clothes in my wardrobe for months now and still have their tags on. Paired this Hello Kitty with my tan jeggings and nice stilettos and I'm good to go! I want to share with you guys how I got this nice black leopard print Hello Kitty and where. But I'll tell you guys that part in another section.

So I told you guys earlier that I'd tell you guys the story of my top, here it goes. I got this top last April. Since then I haven't used it, until now. I got this at Macy's, oh how I love Macy's! It was sale then, so I shopped all the way, And yeah, I do not wan to brad about that but yes, sale is one of the best things in Guam. Honestly, buying this top wasn't expensive at all but for me, it is a piece I need, do-die-for! I loved how not-pink Hello Kitty was here. And the "Love Me" over there made e stop-and-look at it. And yeah, I got caught up. So that's my story about it. I know very boring and kid-alike story. Anyway, what do you think of this outfit?

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