Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy 1st Blognniversary!

Hi guys! I must tell you, Happy Blognniversary! It's been a year since I started this blog (and totally abandoned my other blog) but here we are. I am on cloud-nine right now! Well, what do I have to say? Thank you so much for supporting and reading all of my random, some of my non-sensible posts and weird stories! I hope you enjoy reading. I know I am not a pro here but knowing you are reading here makes me feel tensed and careful of what I write (or I just write whatever pops in my head and I don't take any more second guessing). I don't have to perfect every post... That sounds like there's words left behind. Anyway! So for this post, I will be posting some photos I have never shown anyone before. It is not much, or you might see my face popping up your computer screens so beware of that but every photo has a story to tell!

Here's the first one! Do I have to say anything? I am not bragging but I did it! I was so happy when I got this. I never expected my grades would be shouting out like this. I even thought I wouldn't survive the first semester but here is a full proof I did. And more! I must thank God for this wonderful gift, and for my inspiration of course! If you will be visiting, thank you to you. :)

This was the morning of our school enrollment. Lol. And yes I was so happy that morning. Wasn't it obvious? :)

Honestly, there is no story behind this photo. I was vain enough to take selfies again. Yes, I got the "Angeliz Virus"

And look at this photo. Lol! I hope non of my family members will be able to read this but while I was fixing my stuff for the first day of second semester, I saw this. It has been with me for a year now. And since then, nothing pretty much has changed. Except for the fact that my numbers are going up and not ever getting down. I am getting old-er! Going back to the photo, to the person who gave this to me, it means a lot. Thank you again! I still have some of the receipts whenever we sneak up and eat out. :)

So guys, thank you! Since I am aging (sounds like I am on my 50's), I apologize for not thinking like a pro or whatever expert-of-a-writer, I am not, but I'll try my best not to post random child stuff! Mwa! Now, I have to get ready for school. I'm kind of late. Lol. :) Seriously, bye!
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