Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Have A Break!

It has been a while since I my last post. And from all the works assigned, I think I'll take a short break from all of those. I remember mom telling me the other day, "Angel you should take it easy.. Take a rest, you don't have enough rest. Not just study study study." How can I forget? I "little push" is a huge expectation. Oh well, I'm guessing it is because of my class standing at school. Now I know how Einstein felt when he was awarded as the most genius human in the world. It is not yet the most critical stage of the year and yet, I'm I mean we are struggling. And seriously, having literally crazy and insane mentors is not the best idea to pass this semester. I'm having another feeling that I would fail but then again, I have to re-consider my skills and capabilities. Since my schedule is totally messed up, I will have to deal with friends, family, chores, and school works of course. Trust me, sweets aren't the best cheerer for me nowadays.

I think a little laugh, long text messages and concern is enough to keep me going. For my friends, and You of course thank you for keeping my head in the game. It's fun that even for a short while we can escape from all duties assigned to us. :)

P.S:  So I will not be posting any more of my faces. Or maybe just one. Or four in one. Whatever! Enjoy!

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