Monday, November 4, 2013

Lazy List!

You know why I haven't posted anything yet? Because I've been waiting for my friend's photos to be uploaded. But since it is taking too long, I wouldn't wait. Yeah, you know who you are. It was suppose to be a greeting! Birthday greeting specifically! Thank you. *Bluffed*

Anyway, so here's what is up. I've been up to nothing lately. Literally. Phone apps bore me for quite some time. They are just too mainstream and the fact that I cannot get out of this certain level at Candy Crush. Well hey, if you're a guy.. or a girl who is highly addicted to Candy Crush and didn't got caught up at level 140, I need your help. I'm quite desperate, dear! So in my ordinary days, I wake up early, I don't get up, do not feed myself, if I'm not too lazy I'd get up and turn the TV on if there's something interesting to watch. Then eat lunch and sleep again. And eat. Then sleep. That's my routine for the past few days. Corrected: Weeks. Not every single day, there are days that I clean the house so ordered by mother or depends on my lazy as* status. Since yesterday I bought this new book, "13 Reasons Why  by Jay Asher" (just in case Jay Asher reaches this, "Hello Mr. Asher! Amazing book really! Hannah rocked the tapes.") And yes, since I have nothing to do, I read the book, and today at exactly (I think) 3:30 in the afternoon I finished the book, cover to cover. And now I am craving for more.

I'd like to share this with you guys. These are the songs I keep playing on my list. Yeah, my list. It's not a permanent list. It changes every now and then. I know you might say, she's so pathetic posting these things. They're nonsense! Well, duh. :) That is exactly why I created my space. My own space. This blog. I post here my thoughts. Thoughts that move me. I will post here a list of the songs that move me. Some of them makes me fall asleep, some got stuck in my head, etc. Oh whatever drama I'm talking I'll just type it in! :)

Ariana Grande - Baby I

Ariana Grande - Right There

Avicii - Wake Up
Avril Lavigne - Rock n Roll
Cover Drive  - Surrender Your Love
(that sounds like Miley, you've got to hear it on Youtube)
Demi Lovato - Made In The USA
Jason Catro - Let's Just Fall In Love Again

Jason Mraz - You and I Both

Jessica Sanchez with Neyo - Tonight

Katy Perry - Roar
Kwerella - Live For The Night
Mika - Popular
Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop
Miley Cyrus - Someone Else
One Direction - Best Song Ever
Zedd with Hayley Williams - Stay The Night

There you have it! I know, some of them are pretty old songs but whenever I hear them, they remind me of the good times. Well, I think now I should decide what book to buy next.

P.S.: Hi B! Sorry if we fought. I'll make it up to ya! Love you Stinky!
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