Thursday, November 14, 2013

Semester Stress!

Hi blog walkers, blog readers or I shall call friends! It is Novemeber right? It is a mark of second semester, and you know what that means, "STRESS is somewhere hidden down the road!" And I have to tell this to you in advance, I am going to be busy and I mean busier for the next few days, or the proper way, the following weeks. I am not used to overload paper works, just overloaded meals. And I must say, this is going to get me skinnier. I have tons and tons of school works already planned and I have to waste no time and effort to get it all done. I mean, Christmas is fast approaching! I cannot even feel the Christmas spirit because of all the chaos happening. Chaos, yes you read that right. I do not like being loaded with works but I have no choice. I must do what is must. So I need a lot of patience, more effort and guidance from my God. I know He knows what I am doing and what I am asking for, and that I am not worthy of what I'm asking from Him but I am asking still. I hope He gives me that. Ohhhhhh, I have got to go guys! I wish I could update this blog every once in a while. I will try people! See ya!

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