Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sweater + Skirt

Alright guys, I know I haven't updated for a couple of days. Well, since our country was "privileged" to be hit with one of the super typhoons "Yolanda" (as named here in the Philippines) or Haiyan, I had been busy then. Thankfully, we are safe. Although many of our countrymen had been affected, destroyed homes, damaged establishments, scared hearts, and yet we have brave Filipinos. They are strong enough to find a way to survive and smile of course. So my prayers goes to those people living in Central Philippines. I hope they'll soon be okay.

Wearing sweater! Yey! How I love sweaters. They are just one of the basics that never gets too old to be worn. Classic sweats are one of the best, as for me. :)

Can I just say this: When the news spilled that a typhoon would be hitting Central Philippines, that got me thinking? How come twice in a row those regions in Philippines were the ones being hit by calamities or let's say natural phenomenons? I mean, first was the massive earthquake that destroyed establishments and facilities. Now, this! If people say that is just it a coincidence, I wouldn't buy it. There was something about that's no coincidence. That's just what I think though. I'm not so much of a critique right?

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