Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day!

Happy Christmas blog walkers/readers/friends! It's another time of the year where families unite and all are at peace and harmony. And yes, I am being all mushy and everything with all of my friends, calling them late night and telling crap of whatever, but that only happens once.. or twice.. Or let's stop right there. Lol. Well, since it is Christmas, I decided to I don't know, comb my hair maybe? LOL. For those who do not believe me, yes it is true I do not comb my hair after shower. Yes, I leave it dripping wet on my way to school and No, I do not give myself hair treatments because I want to keep it natural and my mother will totally kill me if I do so. Anyway, I'm going for Black and Red colored outfit. Naaah, I'd like to keep the weird side of me even if it is Christmas! :) Will I pass?

Note: Sorry guys if recent photos haven't been cleared, sorry you guys! I'll use my camera next time. :)
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