Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Vibes with Loves!

Sooo, like the usual setting, I've been busy because it is the preliminaries week! Time flies so fast. It was just like yesterday that I was struggling from leaving high school and now I'm stressing out from passing this semester. Oh well, good thing my loves are always here to cheer me up. Exactly why we took photo of ourselves like this? Because Marga, had fun with a photo of me side view and looking like a creep with no hair. So she thought of re-inventing the theme in our own version. And here's the output! Can you find me?

Cheers to our No Hair Photo! (L-R, U-D: Angela, me, Marga, Erlo, Rose, Joanne, Deanne and Kat) Alright, don't we look all the same? And so cute :)

Like We Used To - A Rocket To The Moon

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