Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Week!

Whew! It was a stressful yet great week indeed. Another Christmas has passed but still, it never ends. Around 364 days to count off with until the next celebration comes. And I certainly made the most out of this week! Who wouldn't right? It's the time of family moments and friends small get together and stuff. Well, I may be not in my best times right now (Lol) but hopefully someday I will be. :) Anyway that was so dramatic! Lol.

I want to share you guys a little of what I did today. So yesterday I bought a few ingredients for my Fiesta Float first time of making. And to tell you the truth, it turned out to be great! Actually is was awesome. Mommy loved it. But the sad part about it is, there was not enough all-purpose cream. So it was a bit dry and all as mom explained to me. But yes, my first trial was a success! It was a nerve-wrecking experience and I thank God for no-cooking or steaming or heating kind of food preparation because seriously, I would fail. Lol. So here are some of the photos I would love to share with you as my Christmas Week ends! :)

This is my second book for the month of December. And yes, mom assured that this will be the last and so I am not yet reading it like I used to read books; nonstop, fast and do-not-talk-to-me mood.

The best way to treat yourself after the crazy happenings!
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