Friday, December 6, 2013

Hyper-Tiring Day!


I can't imagine how hyper I was yesterday! I mean, 13 hours doing school things and knowing that those things caused me sweat and blood... and muscles too! For carrying a lot of things (ingredients) for our culinary arts a while ago! Although I forgot some ingredients, it turned out to be so delish! Our Chef de Jour, Ma. Erlo Wayne Maon, well cooked, although at first the meat was not soft but in the end, with the help of our other group mates :) And for me, I wasn't able to perfect my salad. but I don't mind. I was too happy to mind! Anyway, after our P.E. and our very very tiring and stressful culinary arts, Angela decided to ride at Ayala Triangle but instead we decided watch the Dancing Lights and go straight home. I was jumping aroung walking like a 5 year old, Angela's telling a story and she really looked tired. But then I showed no sign of exhaustion that day

I was so happy! I wish it could always be like that :) Thank You Lord, for keeping me in track.

Dancing Lights at Ayala Triangle, Makati City

(Dancing Lights photo:
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