Monday, December 23, 2013

New Book OMG!

"OMG" guys! I've been expressing my thoughts and actions thru O.M.G.! Lol. I've been saying this since this morning and in my head it's literally through. OMG. Hahaha. Okay so I went to the book store today to buy another set of books but unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy the books (A series) I wanted because the book 1 was sold out and I got so upset. So it took a long time to decide what book I wanted and guess what? I ended up buying a love story. Yes, I am not a fan of love stories although I know how good they are. I'm just not into it. But today, I talked myself into reading this one because the cover was different and oh so bright! With roller coaster :) So I will start reading tonight! I hope this book will not disappoint me and I am hoping it will not. :) Whoaaaaa! See yaaaaaaaa! OMG!

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