Sunday, January 5, 2014


As I had said, I want to try different things, take new heights, etc. Well, here's a start! I haven't really liked and I mean like or get the idea of holding guns and stuff, but here I tried Airsoft. I have not seen myself immerse myself in such kind of hobby, but I enjoyed how it all fell into place. I have to say, and rephrase my former statements about Airsoft; it is a fun game especially when all people are acting professionally even for me as a starter. And surely, everybody will enjoy the game and bring back the essence of the game. :)

What we did was just a family kind of game. And getting hit by BB's, I find them much more fun than being in the game. It was fun being in the field seeing you troops and their opponents find their way on how they can both defeat one team. 

Hold on, was I even right on everything I just said? O.O

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