Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Filling Station

Finally! After a long planning of going in this area, at last we had made it! Say hi to my new favorite munching place although it's quite expensive but oh yeah it's a fine one, The Filling Station! This restaurant is one of the most epic place I have been to. It's not as big and spacious as it seems, but the ambiance will surely take you back to the Presley, The Beatles kind of era. Can you believe that they actually have these posters and human sized images of Elvis, Marilyn, and many more. When two of  my friends found it, we decided to lock up a date for this.

I was in awe when we entered this place. Everything I loved about the 1900's onwards was here! From 1970's floor up to the 1900's ceiling to the tables and chairs, from the walls to the old gas stations. From Batman, to Superman, to Flash, to Elvis, to Marilyn. All things vintage. <3

Favorite telephone in the world!

This is an actual napkin holder.

Spot Archie!

My man!

Hey Kat! :)

Me and my Elvis. Lol!

The bar! Trust me I'd still buy these from sari-sari stores if I were you.

Ohh you!

Drinks on me.


Gas up!

Reminded me of mom when I saw this! Hafa Adai!

Spot the disco ball!

Talk about big servings!

To be continued ... Since there are too many photos to fit in one post!
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