Wednesday, June 11, 2014

First Days Selfie

Hey! School started last Monday. It was great to see familiar faces, hear endless summer stories, meet new people. On the contrary, I feel bad about my other loves being separated from our block. Unfortunately, two I mean three of my loves were sent to a different block and heck I can tell by their faces they are not enjoying! Instead of feeling sorry for them, as good friends with them, me and the others laughed at their stories and how frustrated they were! Lol.

First day, First class, First selfie! Or should I say..

Note: I ran out of facial expressions. Literally.

Oh oh this is actually the "Lykha poses" by me, Allecks and Deanne.

I just had to.

(L-R) Arlene, Kae, Deanne, Allecks, Lykha and yours truly :)

I must say, it is just the third day but this is the most tiring selfie I have ever done. I usually take one and I mean one photo of my face but this is crazy! Well, it is selfie anyway so why not make the most out it! And when you see them combing their hair and start using the powder room, expect that it's going to be selfie-time. Lol! Hopefully, I'll soon be seeing my other loves too. Nevertheless, it is fun to always meet new people and still be with the old ones. Hello Lykha, Selfie Queen with cherry on top!
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