Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summer's Out for School!

But really, if this was my school and I have monster friends, I would not leave! Lol.

So it's been a great summer! One of the best summers of my life. there were certainly ups and downs for us and moments that we weren't able to accomplish and now, we realize that summer is bidding its final goodbyes to us and as we go along the road, we now meet the month of June, again. Time flies so fast! People are rushing through book stores, buying new uniforms gushing through sales and all things new for their children and here I am sitting on my bed writing this crazy post and I do not know what to type in next. Lol. Some classes have started and mine (I am not so excited about it), will soon start too! Another chapter for me being a 3rd year student in college, big name, big responsibility, which means i should start running through my old notes to refresh my memory from all the scrambled lessons taught last school year.

I want to share this with you guys; I googled "June School starts" and what came up are photos of students in school, going to school, two kids holding an umbrella and walking through massive flood, etc. And I thought, wow this is pretty much what some people think about going to school in the Philippines. I've seen a couple of photos too on certain websites showing school rivers, lakes and all that during rainy season. Well, I think people are still holding their heads up no matter what tragedy comes in. :)

To all incoming freshmen students, welcome aboard to the collge life!

Did you get your school must haves?

Yes, guys. This is going to be me starting next week! School monster!

Me and my college mates says welcome!

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