Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Faye at 18!

Cheers to the 18th year of my dearest best friend! I told you I would prepare for your party. You have been a blessing to all of us and you have been a great sister and friend to me and everybody else. Through thick and thin you are always here for me. All the "kalokohan" I did, you know every bit of it. Thank you for being a great sister. No matter how distant we are from each other, there will always be that one moment where we meet up and catch up with every little thing that's happened while we are apart. I love you Faye. Be thankful for all the things and people in your life. :)

L-R: Angeliz (ME), Kyle, Louise, Faye, Mae, Zai and Johanne

The guys is photo bombing at its finest.

My favorite girls!

She was so cold she called mom's shawl "blanket" 

Our version of "Bitch please!" - Because they like ruining my photos, here's an awesome outcome!

Faye and Lui

One of my favorite girls! Cheers to more birthdays and blessings!

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Circa 2014. Janella Pangilinan.
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