Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Selfie Queen!

Happies 18th Birthday to the one who grabs your phone and takes loads of selfies, who tells stories about boys, who normally laughs at my silly and nonsense jokes, who advises me to stick with this life situation, who gets mad when I do and do stupid things, who listens to stories and tell stories at the same time, who barely sees me because she keeps on telling me she is busy and she's stressed but still manages to smile and get dragged when I invite her to join me for coffee of window shopping. :) I love you fat-cheeked one-lined-eye girl! I barely see you nowadays and there's a lot to catch up with. I willl always be here for you, Pey, and be the over-protective bestfriend you can ever have (especially when it comes to boys). LOL
I'll see you soon dearest! Have fun on your special day!

P.S.: I cannot believe I am posting these photos of you. But it is your day so might as well post this! :)
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