Sunday, August 17, 2014

1st International Hospitality and Tourism Conference

#TeamKafei with "The Man" of Step Up Int'l Services (I obviously forgot his name but, shhh!) and our host, Mr. Martin De Vera

Hello everyone! Do you have any idea what I have been up to in a while? Well, not much. Lol! Just the usual college thing - but, I have to tell you this because this is one of the best experience during college. Being part of an international conference is a huge honor. The speakers are really detailed in sharing their expertise in different fields, thus helping me and other tourism students from different universities in the country to further widen our knowledge and clearly understand the different ways in becoming great contributors in our chosen industry.
I wanted to share you guys all about the things I learned but there was too many. But here are the topics discussed by experts:

Rise of Travellers in the Digital Age
Art of Customer Services
Travel Storytelling
Destination ASEAN: Trends and Transformation

Yes, yes and yes! Experts from different areas in the country travelled to Ateneo De Manila University just to give us a talk about these topics. So thank you experts!

With Julie and Rona

With Rosey

Luschka and Rosey

With Karmel

Rona and Luschka

Matchy -Matchy dress code with Rona!

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