Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thoughts To Inspire

Hello everyone! I decided to share you what I had in mind for today. Life has never been so stressful until second year college. But that doesn't mean I am going to give up, it motivates me to pursue more and go beyond borders. Yes, a lot of school works are requiring a lot of hard work but hey, I wouldn't let them get into my nerves. Here are some thoughts I had in mind when I feel so grumpy in the morning and I would love to share it with you!

1. Always greet yourself with a smile!

Yes, sometimes you will feel more pressure when you are the smart one right? That doesn't really count, though. Yes, you have no time for brushing your hair, of putting on make up but hey, don't you feel more beautiful and unstoppable and can take on challenges when you get the good vibes?

2. Before going to bed, think of something that can lighten you up.

Sometimes, I sleep good and sometimes, not! So before going to bed, I think of all the happy thoughts. Always. That is what I learned.

3. Believe.

There will be a lot more hindrances in the future and those challenges you encounter now will be your strength in overcoming those in the future. It is true that sometimes, these challenges can bring you down even to the most depressive way, but if you just believe and keep the good faith going, I know you will too, overcome it. I know there will be people who are not as positive as I am or you are, but don't let them drown in negativity. No matter how much they negate all things possible, try to hold them up as much as you can. Don't ever get tired of someone who is precious to you; friends, family, special someone. Yes, it is true that "people come and go", but one friend told me that all those who enter your life, they should be treasured more than any diamond (I just added "...more than any diamond") Lol!

Well, good morning and good night to my lovely readers. Stay tuned for more and do not forget to put a smile on your faces!

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