Sunday, October 12, 2014

Give Me A Break

It is official! Semester break is finally here! Finally, 3 weeks of rest, relaxation, stress-free and all-you-can-eat food has arrived. It has been a very very long month for me so in case of no updates from this blog, I apologize. Anyway, I do not want to spoil this moment because I totally missed updating you. Let me start of with... 'last week's final week!" That week was the "hell week" for this semester. And if you ask me why it is because we were assigned (the whole block) to do a musical and the thing is, we have to present it in two weeks. And it so happens that our grand function for culinary will happen on the same week and on the same day! Well, could you imagine the stress we are getting ourselves into? If you can't let me simplify that we did "2 events in 1 day" - an hour of transforming the school's student activity center from musical set-up to festival set-up. We did our best we could. It was all a "Grade A Pain-In-My-Ass" kind of experience but it actually made me realize that we can do something like that even if time has been cut on the loose for us.

Oh, I almost forgot! Last Wednesday, we also pulled off a surprise mini party for our professor in Social Science 13, Mr Kayzer Saba. He was the man of the hour. Our block does not really do surprise and stuff to professors but for him, we did. He was a one of a kind mentor and we really love him because he brought down the walls of "teacher-student policy" but still, made sure we respect each other. We did not really prepare for anything but we surely contributed something to make it a successful one. I will miss this week, though. I did enjoy my hell week with my block; made new friends, you can really see that every one of us did our best and brought our all to make it all fruitful and memorable!

And the "Singer of The Year" goes to... Sam Smith!!

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