Friday, October 17, 2014

Dear Movies

In three days, I had watched over 10 movies (and planning to make it about a hundred by the end of this break). I know I shouldn't be proud of it, and it isn't a lot but let me put up a list on the movies I watched:

A Walk To Remember
Friends With Benefits
The Last Song
So Undercover
The Vow
Upside Down
X-Men: Days Of The Future Past

So now I know what you are thinking. I didn't make it to 10, right? Notice that majority of my list includes romance and all that type crazy love thing. Say, Upside Down - a movie a lot can relate to; forbidden love as they call it. Oh and The Vow, a true story of two people figuring out their way back into each other before the accident. The movies most people I know cried over, but let me tell you this: "I didn't". You might say that I'm lying just to make this post to be somehow cool and spectacular, well I don't. I'm not really going to waste my time typing shit on my blog just to make it look good and interesting, right? Okay, kidding (on the contrary)! Honestly, I don't cry over movies like those mentioned above. I find it romantic and makes me chuckle but after that, it's over. It's a fiction, a glimpse of love on movies. There's no effect, no impact except one. One movie that made an impact on me; "Dear John". The question is, why Angeliz?

Yes, all movies are not all about love between couples and stuff but the movie is so real it opened so many things for people to see and understand how tough life can be; respect, care, love, consideration etc. It's like the clouds, they come in different forms, shapes, sizes, purpose, ways but only moves where the wind take it and bring you stroms. That's how I see this movie, the storyline, the story behind the characters, John and Savannah isn't the only main focus or how their love story started (technically, yes), it is how their worlds revolve around their family and friends, how all of them seem to carry the burden as one and find ways to overcome, find joy and hope in it. As they get along, they seek reasons why they live, their purpose in life and that no matter how much apart they have been (John and Savannah, John and his father), they always have family to come home to (and bake you some lasagna every Sunday), to care for (when you need them the most) and to be happy with. Dear John shows that love isn't just found between two people, it is found in everyone; because it is not insipid nor attractive, it gives respect but does not hurt, it requires time but does not hurry. Love only makes you realize that there is more to life than dwelling in the world's negativity, but rather it helps you get back on track when you lose your way and move forward and still able to flash a smile on your face despite the struggles.

That's what Dear John's taught me - a movie I will never forget.
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