Saturday, October 25, 2014

To The Girl At 18


From the girl I used to hate in 4th year high school to my number 1 fan, 

I really do not know if this is an online letter for you or whatsoever but anything goes.

You always smile so creepily it pisses me off before but now, thank God it only happens sometimes. I used to dislike you because you know how much I hate the staring part you did before and the "can I have some paper?" even if you already asked for some. The way you stutter when I talk to you which was sacred back then. The funny thing is, we're close now and possesses a "love-hate relationship". I always joke to my mother that you are my only friend but I know she likes you because you're such a kid. I know you love with my mother because she likes you a lot and she even gave you a Christmas treats and a small gift for your birthday even though she loves Faye more. I cannot imagine this conspiracy. I know that you and Chinea used to sneak up on me and whatever crap you laugh about me before. Unfortunately, both of you still does when you have nothing to do. Let me get to the good part. I now find you a very cool person, funny and still irritating which is a compliment and a fact at the same time. I still remember when I ask you for those Ovaltinees - how much I love them. To sum it all up, you are old now. A woman, I suppose but I think the posture will not change, yet. You are a reminder that I, too, am getting old-er. So thanks to that! And whatever happens, I'll be here my dear whatever you need, you know that. I don't what to wish anything for you, you already have it. :) And don't be such a downer yourself, it doesn't help if you know what I mean (which you really do). There's not much of a problem with you except for the part when I ask for a "decent" photo and you give me a funny-looking face or a "I don't want to take a picture" face. So you know, it's really hard to actually find a photo of us with you not fooling around. I know I tease you a lot because you're like a munchkin and all and it makes me happy because I get back at you for all the teasing you did before. LOL. You know it's funny when I tease you, though. I hope to have those funny and disturbing conversations with you soon.

All in all, have a year. I will not hope for you to have a great day because it's a day, there are more things that can happen to you; good or bad it will be molding you and I'm glad I will be there to see you grow. Don't worry about your gift. It'll come. Happiest birthday, Janella Mae Cobs! Love you!

P.S.: I still need that "HELP" for my Candy Crush!!! Or maybe not, I know I will get creep face from asking you this again. LOL.

P.P.S.: I'm going to get you one of those things to make your eyebrows visible. You're eighteen. We have to get you something for that!

Gosh I miss those long curly braided hair of yours!

I love this picture since this is the most "decent photo" we have since 4th year!
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