Friday, November 14, 2014

2nd Blog-nniversary!

Another year (and a day) of blogging and I'm feeling happier than ever since I started blogging (though there is a lot of things I had to take care of). Anywoo, 

Hooraaaay!!! To God, this blog and the readers - without you there will be no more posting random life events and thoughts so thank you! #OMG I'm going to cry! LOL. For the last two years, I had been posting most of my roller coaster life stories, random thoughts, events, and numerous kiddie adventures and I'm glad I shared it with you. From being a kid and still being one at times, writing is not a hobby I expect to do or continue in the long run. But now I know that it's an opportunity that made me lucid in what I look into becoming one day. Realizing that blogging is not for popularity and not only for pro's but also for others to express themselves in the means of writing and sharing my own experiences and thoughts knowing that there will always be someone who will understand, even the most boring, weirdest and most outrageous stories ever.

So I hope not to make this blog longer, because I do not know how to truly express my gratitude. I am just very thankful for another year of blessing! 

YEAR 2012

YEAR 2013

YEAR 2014

Hm... I chose these photos because I had this camera angle and all. Did something change within the past 2 years besides the fact that I had braces again? Is it that my nose looks nicer this year than the last 2 years? Whatever, A. <3 p="">
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