Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Feels!

Finally! Prelimiary exams are over! Hooray for Holiday break - a great season to calm every nerve in my body due to lack of sleep and ohhh, the usual stress. Yesterday, I planned on spending this day at my favorite coffeeshop and read some books alone, but luckily, my dear friend Karmel was also going out. So we went together and stayed at the coffeeshop and treated ourselves because we fired up our butts for the past weeks on books. We sat and chatted and laughed a lot. Then I decided to take her to my safe haven: J Cuppacakes. I knew she will like the place; the interior, the ambiance and also the people. Well, you have an idea what happened? :)

Hey guys! This is Karmel. But I call her, Karameli - and she is so fluffy like a human plushy toy!

Unfortunately, nobody gets her name right.

Feeling bloated after this but it was totally worth it!

Bad angle but I totally find this cute.

More posts soon!
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