Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Tongue-tied. I do not know how to express my deepest gratitude to all those who made my 20th birthday a special one. XOXO - I'm twenty years old! Finally out of the teen years.

From Julie Ann Pearl, Starbucks coffee master - I am a "procaffeinator", so I planned a week before that I willl drop by in the morning to get coffee and so I did! Ate Pearl and Ate Khane (the co-worker) was there and honestly, seeing those morning faces turned the tables around.

I did not expect anything from my friends really. No surprises and all. 
But Karmel was so thoughtful to actually plan a small surprise for me (with Pearl) but she failed due to traffic. But still, I was touched.

A cake was given by my bestfriend, Allecks. I did not expect this also so I was shocked when she approached me and gave me this. I hugged her so tight I couldn't breathe. Nah, kidding!

This was from Wendy, Starbucks coffee master and a new friend. It was thoughtful of her to have given me this gift. It was so sweet!

6 days after my birthday, Jendy, a great friend of mine made my day by surprising me with this!

A dozen of red velvet cupcakes from my dashing BFF! This is heaven.

This was the part where I got teary; learning the fact that mother was part of planning this scheme. I was blown away.
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