Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Out To Reach

What could be more painful than being an orphan; growing up being taken care of someone you don't know but was with you, your entire life; being aware of the fact that they did not want you anymore? Well, I do not want to be melodramatic but it is a fact and a sickness of the society but it is a blessing to know that there are people who are dedicated to helping those in need. And so I can say, that I am honored to be able to bring smiles to the little ones.

It happened at Manila Boys Town Complex last month (I wasn't able to post due to school deadlines). At first, it was awkward because I didn't know what to do. The children were rushing, some were already prepared and chatting with the other students I was with and me, Karmel and Angela, well, we were shocked of the commotion. I know I was but it didn't last long because some kids were approaching us, asking for our names and other basic questions people use to ask to start a conversation. Some of them were really young and some, teens and you know how they can be: a bit fidgety, free and ... you wonder. Lol. Most of them were girls. Actually, they were all girls. It was meant to sound that way because not all of them have medium or long hair; some have boy cut's or whatever for good reasons. I can't really interact with most of them because there's too much going on. In addition, I'm no good with children or making good conversations.

There were more than 50 children who attended our program. Whew! So much for a whole class, right? There were more I must say.. And this shelf is not enough to supply efficient and effective knowledge for them. It's sad to think or see that they have old books, old shelves and other old equipment that I think should be thrown out at this point in life. I couldn't imagine the difficulty in studying with such little resources. So I asked a couple of kids what grade where they in and if they were able to study well. Their answers were, "Yes." A simple answer means a lot that one can ever imagine.

This is half of all the shelves in the area. I'm amazed to see how eager some of them were. It took me a couple of shots to get this since there were a some kids who kept passing by while taking this photo. Oh well, I think I was able to get a good one, or not?

 The field

Karmel's black Converse and my red Keds

I wanted to tell this because it was a great experience - making me realize how lucky I am. Also, I realized that the orphans were happy knowing that there were people or organizations who are willing to help them by conducting programs as such, that we are willing to reach out to them not just in times of need and that we are willing to share our blessing and extend a helping hand so they won't feel alone.
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