Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Light In The Dark

The roughest roads lies ahead.

The most critical year in college is yet to arrive. Sleepless nights, overrated deadlines, unplanned shenanigans and more drained my energy and I have not recovered. It surely isn't easy to meet all the deadlines when everything happens at the same time or even make a product worth the wait. 24 hours is not even enough. But even during those days, I found companion, laughter and short rides to lighten up my spirit from God, my family and my friends. It is difficult to have more time to unwind but it is never too late to do so. Literally, college squad can be better than I ever expected!

Thank you Jap for a great weekend! I've never been so excited for a long time.

#PLDL I think we should watch movies more often.

I don't get what they are looking for but thank God they did!

Have you ever felt like when the end comes nearer, you feel too lazy to do your work or make the best out of it? I'm going through the exact feeling right now. But I have to hold on; I started a good fight, so I have to finish it at my best. Won't you? :)
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