Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Day With "The Ilustrado"

Right down the middle is Mr. Kayzer and my college mates!

It is one of those days where seeing someone can just make your day? Have you??? Honestly, I was ready to back out of this lunch date, luckily, I didn't. If you wonder why... Well, let's just say I was running a very important errand! LOL. But that's another story - so going back to our topic. I was ready to back out but I didn't. You don't get to actually hang and bond with your friends or block mates, right? More importantly, it doesn't happen everyday that you get to hang with your favourite professor - that one person who actually gives you a reason to get up early and not be late in class and now, is going to be a future attorney in a couple of months. What about you, do you have that one person who actually inspires you? Let me know what you guys think!

MR. KAYZER SABA, congratulations on all of your achievements! I couldn't be more proud to have met such great mentor. You're one of a kind and I'm very thankful to have met such a great teacher! Good luck on the bar exam this November. I know you'll pass (NO PRESSURE!) :)

Trivia: If you ever wonder what does the word "Ilustrado" means, it's a Spanish word for "erudite or enlightened ones" - a term used for middle class Filipinos who were able to study in Spain during the late 19th century. :)

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