Friday, May 1, 2015


Ever had that feeling like everything seems to fall into its places? Well, I do!!! It doesn't always have to be perfect but you'll try to be better today than yesterday. Alright, moving to the point. My small family gathering was much more fun than expected! If you ask what's the event - it's my auntie's birthday! So I already had a thought of her plans (not that I asked!) and honestly, I had little expectations of being right about it. The plan is that she'll take us out for lunch - some of the closest relatives in our family tree and end it with a dinner with her family. Ey? Can you believe it? That's the plan alright! Lucky guess, maybe. LOL. There was so much laughter, filling up the restaurant an ambiance like no other tighter family bond can ruin that moment. The feeling of actually being bloated from the food, laughs, jokes and stories. A whole afternoon wasn't enough for unlimited stories, so I'm expecting a lot more of laughters ahead. So stick around!

Celebrating at Fely J's Restaurant

Meet Ria, my cousin whom I just happened to meet last year! Where have you been my dear?

Caffe Ti-amo's finest! A must try :)

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