Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Top 10 Destinations

Yesterday was April. Today is May. How fast can time fly? Usually when this month approaches, I feel like summer is over. Do you ever feel that too? Well, there's always another summer. And every summer, I get myself involved into travelling to see the world and experience it not just by reading them in books or see in advertisements. There are tons of places I would love to visit but I'll be sharing with you the top places on my list!

10. GUAM

My second home! For once in my life, I can call myself, "An Island Girl". Guam is a small island in the US coast near Marianas Islands. This little island may be a dot on the map, but surely they can offer a whole day tour in the island, as well as great tourist spots that's breathtaking! This is the home where I'll keep coming back; the place that I know will welcome me any time of the year.


Oh! Who wouldn't want to visit this place? This is a dream by majority of the teens of today. This wonderful place in picture gives me the urge to strive harder and fly away.


The country I truly dreamed of visiting. From the fields to historical sites to the modern structures, I would love to visit every corner of it.


The dream city - my dream city! What more could I say?


It's historical sites as well as the history itself captures my attention; wanting to learn and experience its beauty! Well, besides the fact that they're the conquerors of the Philippines for 333 years.


I'll be honest, Crete wasn't really on the top 10. But watching this video, changed a lot. I've read about the place and its hidden beauty but what got me is that the people and the lifestyle.
Out of all the videos, this one will surely make you fall in love!


Home is where the heart is! - Ah! I wouldn't travel overseas without travelling on my own birth place, would I? There are so many hidden treasures in this island, not all are noticed. And every tourist destination or attraction is unique.


This amazing country - balances the modernity and cultural aspects which I find very interesting. The welcoming ambiance, the cold weather and the rare cuisines puts this country on my top 3!


Land of Dreams - The moment the airplane landed and I took a step off the plane, I felt the electric of excitement! A dream indeed to be living in this place. There are so many landmarks to go to knowing that everything is at reach! I'm totally wanting to visit this land again. There's always a new thing on the loose!


A dream paradise, would you agree? This may be composed of smaller islands, but they all come together as one, but each island offers different experiences which makes you want to take a dip in all of their beaches whole year round!

So there's my top 10 so what's yours?
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