Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hong Kong - Macau 2015

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. It's been quite a busy month for me; a tiring one but mostly challenging. So here I'll be posting my late last minute summer vacation!

DAY 1: Hitting the airport at 5am. Finally travelling to an Asian country! First stop: Hong Kong

The travel was fast but the search for the hotel was body shaking and mind crippling, but the good thing is, instant Hong Kong tour around the city! 


L-R: Yours truly, momma, Tita Nancy and Tito Rey

I wasn't expecting this crowd. Quite different from Cali's Disneyland. The fun part: no one gets to mess up this photo!

The happiest place on earth!

Disney Fire Department. Well, Walt's window is still close..

Main Street!

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse!

Minnie Mouse

Winnie the Pooh

Mickey Mouse

Tita Nancy

Disney Train Station

Animation Academy



HK Disneyland's Fireworks

DAY 3: Hong Kong Central

Ferry going to Macau!

Macau streets

DAY 4: Goodbye, HK! Hello, Macau!

Wynn Hotel's Dancing Fountain

This is not Las Vegas. I repeat! This is not Las Vegas! This is Macau!

In awe

Macau is beautiful! This first night was great! Good thing, our hotel's a few minutes away from this beauty. More walk, more fun!

DAY 5: Last day of our trip, so we explored Macau by riding buses if necessary but mostly, by walking! Everything is so close to each other.

We visited some of the most biggest hotels in Macau. The cool thing about these hotels is that they are all connected to each other. They have these passages where tourists and guests can get easy access from one hotel to the other.

Hard Rock Hotel

The Venetian Hotel

Venetian Lobby

A view of the other side of Macau from the site of Macau Tower Observatory

Some Filipinos residing in Macau calls this tourist attraction "Putol". This is well known as the "St. Paul's Ruins".

Until next time, China! You've been splendid in every way. Hope to see you soon!
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