Monday, October 19, 2015

Dose of Happiness

Hi guys! It has been a long time since I posted and I apologize for my absence (because my WiFi was off for months and they were not able to fix it, and I hate them until now) Oh well, let's keep moving. The last three months were a roller coaster ride and I tell you, pictures are worth more than a thousand words! 

Okay, so let's start! This photo was taken at Greenbelt, Ayala Malls in Makati City. Meet Jap! Jap is a very very very special person. We used to hang out when we have matched schedules. She works, by the way. Then we'd go out and chill for a while - let's say buy donuts and iced tea from Wendy's. I mean that's how we hang out - we kind of eat a lot since we met. So unfortunately for me, I did not gain a lot of pounds from all the eating. Fortunately for her, she did and she blames me now because more people noticed her weight gain. But, she still loves me even when she dislikes me.. That's confusing but you get it.

This photo was taken at Clark Development Corp. at Clark, Pampanga. I live in Makati which is one hour or more away from Pampanga (it is a province). Well, if you ask why we were there, it is because of our undergraduate research. Yes - I have dedicated my time and effort into my group in making our research good and accurate. Yes - I have also spent quite a lot of money. Yes - I am a very busy person. I like it, though. There were originally six of us, but it so happens that three of us were the available ones. So, meet Alyanna and Bridge!

Moving on.

You know, in our country, there is this trend called "#AlDub" and "#PabebeWave" and it is very popular nationwide. AlDub is actually "Alden and Yaya Dub" and if you wonder why, they are an on-screen love team - Yaya Dub is a screen name; she is really Maine Mendoza. So we tried posing this "#PabebeWave" (stereotype gaming is really stong!).

Oh this one! This is the very1st Cruise and Hospitality Careers Convention in the country and I was blessed to be part of it! They showcased a lot of career opportunities and invited international and local speakers and guests to share their knowledge and expertise in their field.

Oh look at me and my friends! We tried this camera effect from my friend's smartphone, Samsung Galaxy A7 and let me tell you, we look cute! LOL.

Meet my college bestfriend, Deanne! She's petite but she's more than one guy could handle. I love her!

Meet Karmie! She is my coffee buddy since 3rd year college. We did not hang out at Starbucks before (well, I do of course!) but now it is like we have to hang out at Starbucks whenever we got the chance. Plus, we do our errands at this place and actually made friends with the baristas. Fun times!

That "LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOR" note is for me because the barista who wrote that is actually a friend of mine and is teasing me because I'm in a relationship with someone that barista knew. He's actually teasing me. I painted a huge smile of my face because of what the cup says.

More to come!!!
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