Monday, October 19, 2015

Tagaytay Trip

It was a rainy trip for us but we cannot back out so we went to Tagaytay! It was exciting for me because it was the first time to go out of town with someone. LOL. It is official - We are now looking forward to more travelling together! We tried looking for a lot of attractions and it is just one jeepney away. Anyway, we went to places, ate a lot of food, I was bloated especially eating the bulalo at Bulalo Point. More adventures with Jap the panda!

Oh! I took this photo from one of the shops at Ayala Malls Serin in Tagaytay. Wonderful shop!

I tried getting a good photo, but I guess I just can't.
Photo taken: Starbucks Twin Lakes, Tagaytay

Yep, we are happy right there!

I think this one works.

We visited Sky Ranch. It was drizzling but that did not stop us! Fighting! LOL. 
Have I told you how much I love carousels?

This is what we came for! The Sky Eye. But guess what? We were not able to ride it because the weather got worse although we waited for almost one hour for it but yes, it was unfortunate. so our goal is to ride it the first thing when we visit.

Happy eating!
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