Friday, January 1, 2016

Bid Goodbye 2015, Say Hello 2016!

The year 2015 is the year where things became unpredictable, and heartbreaking; some were regretful, some were beyond expectations: there are tragic events but were resolved. I'm thankful that it all went the way they are now. If it didn't, I would not understand the art of maturity a person has to learn.

 Deanne - my ultimate bestie. Why so? Because I know that when I need her, she'll be there. Like other friends, we are not that close like Bananas and Pajamas. She's one step ahead of me and I know it. She is that good and I'm proud of her.

Karmie - the big time caring friend; always there to catch the falling star. She's literally the "everything buddy" and trust me, she'll take you to Starbucks whenever you want some chit-chats! It's funny because she once scared me when we were in first year college, second semester.

Alyanna (third girl from the left) - I find her the sophisticated one. She seems quiet but when you're in the funny conversation with the group, you'll be caught off guard. Don't get lost by looks!

Bridge (fourth from the right) - Hmm. What to say but you're jokes, sometimes sells. Don't get me wrong, some were corny but some sells when you shock me. I know you would be reading this so I'm telling you, you either say YES to Magnum or NO to more chances. 

This above photo is a great memory of how happy we all were to see each other. It's a photo that reminds me of having the last year at my university, a memorable one; that it will not have a boring ending. 

Took this photo of my four girlfriends - site at Ayala Triangle, Makati City. This is the yearly "Dancing Lights" shown during holiday season. 

My main for six years and almost seven years now - Faye.

Lola Erlo is how I call her. I bumped into her at the movie house and I was ecstatic to see her after long months of no contact because of our busy schedule.

Thank you for coming into my life! :) (kinikilig ka naman. LOL)

Museum Visit Part I with Jap!

Dancing Lights 2015

One day outdoor night movie showing at Bonifacio High Street. This wasn't how I took it but I'm happy on how it turned out

First legitimate Christmas Party at my internship.

 Momma was opening her gifts and I said, 'Momma look! Smile!!" and click.

 2015 - 2016

That is why this year of 2016, may it be more challenging and still be more likely to be amazing. It doesn't have to be the way I always wanted, but rather, may it help me strengthen my hope of achieving a pinnacle of my goals. Why? Because this year, I will be graduating, not to mention the efforts I had put into it to be where I am now. This year I will turn twenty-one - meaning it's the coming of age where independence is really put into actions. It will be a huge step for me; into becoming the lady He molded me to be.

First photo of the year!!!

So 2016, bring it on!
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