Monday, January 4, 2016

Kapitolyo Venture

Two days ago we decided to go to Pasig to have Jap's haircut. She's been having her hair done at Beaufort Salon in Sagad, Pasig. So getting her done wasn't time consuming and the travel time was normal. After her haircut, we went to ventured for Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. This is not your typical street corner eatery because they serve gourmet syle. They are not the typical American air-conditioned restaurants; they serve Filipino-American dishes that woo customers. Plus, they don't sell expensive dishes, they don't have a fancy place but rather, they invested in the quality and style of dishes they wish to serve the public. We stayed at the Kanto for an hour or so because I ordered an extra rice and we still have mixed berry pancakes to finish! The dishes were so good I crave for more!

Next stop: Gastro Park, Kapitolyo, Pasig. This food park is a wonder to me. They have stalls of variety of snacks and drinks like prawns, nitrogen ice cream, raspberry juice and more. You can never go wrong with food!

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